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Big News: The Launch of “John Moxey Music” Newsletter!

John Moxey Music, Newsletter on Substack

John Moxey Music Newsletter Announcement Hey everyone! I hope this message finds you all grooving and thriving. Today, I’m beyond excited to share some big news with you all. It’s something I’ve been cooking up for a while, and I believe it’s going to add a whole new layer to how we connect and share […]

New Mailing List For Fans!

I have been evolving my own website, including adding a mailing list with the help of an inexpensive internet plan. I will be using the mailing list for making announcements about my music, making special offers, and special features (such as recordings, videos and more) only offered to subscribers. You are therefore cordially invited to […]

Songwriting And Music Blog

Launched a blog all about songwriting and music with lots about the music industry.