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I’ve played music with quite a few bands over the years, but I don’t have many of my songs online yet. I hope to upload some of those old tracks and some pictures soon.


As John Moxey

At this point there are many new tracks written but not recorded. I’ve selected a pool of 20 songs that I plan to record and release in the near future. Songs outside of this pool may still be recorded or re-recorded at some point, but they are not my priority. Follow my blog on this site to keep up with my latest news, or even better, subscribe to my mailing list. Even more radical… you could do both!

I’ve been experimenting with a range of musical styles, but at the moment I’m focused on combining acoustic songwriting, like Crosby, Stills and Nash or more recently David Gray and Damien Rice with the kind of sounds and rhythms of modern chillout bands like Air, Morcheeba, Groove Armada etc.

Bibi M

Bibi M was a music project with Glasgow singer Barbara Matheson. Most of the songs are no longer available elsewhere online, but I have posted links on the song pages for you to have a listen to.

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